Al Juneidi Timeline

The 20 of May 1982

On this day, Al Juneidi Company for Dairy and Food Products was brought into existence with a total area of 80 m², a daily total production capacity of fresh milk estimated to be 200 liters and 4 workers only. Steady and solemn, Al Juneidi went on its way of success despite the humble start. The production of fresh milk jumped to 500 liters per day to cover Bethlehem and Jerusalem in addition to Hebron. Hence Al Juneidi has held itself responsible for promoting the Palestinian dairy and food industries despite the hindrance and challenges it has faced.

Year 1987

Started to set and execute a plan for a project to build a new dairy factory with a total area of 4000 m² and a daily production capacity of fresh milk that caps 20000 liters, in order to meet the growing market demand.

Year 1988

Moved out to the new location to start the 3rd phase of development in Al Juneidi's journey. This phase was characterized by expanding and upgrading the production lines to meet the growing demand for the Company's products. The Company adopted contemporary concepts in total quality administration with a concentration on product quality. This had a noticeable impact on developing and promoting the dairy sector and its products as an essential economic tributary to meet the homeland's needs. This was achieved through accommodating all the quantity of the produced milk at that time . And preparing new farms for fresh milk production then develop them quality and quantity wise.

Year 1993

As a result of the diversified demand of the consumers, and in order to meet the local market demand, the Company built a new factory to produce various fresh salads with a daily production capacity of 1000 kg. The labor force was raised to 60 workers, while the daily production capacity of fresh milk capped 25000 liters. All these developments and expansions synchronized with the inauguration of the first high tech qualified food lab for testing the quality of the raw materials and the final products. This lab was the corner stone for the department of Quality Control in the Company responsible for implementing, developing and following up different programs of quality systems.

Year 1998

The Company started a huge comprehensive expansion in the Company's facilities and buildings that comprised building a warehouse for the raw materials with a total area of 1000 m² and building a storage and cooling warehouse for the final products ready for distribution, with a total area of 1000 m². The expansion further included building new integrated factories like the butter milk factory (Laban Up) which was built with a total area of

Year 2002

The Company inaugurated the largest livestock and dairy farm in Palestine in terms of space, number of cows, and the daily produced quantity of fresh milk. The farm has a total area of 40000m² and it accommodates 1200 of milking cows. It's regarded as a main source of daily fresh milk with its modern technology to ensure the high quality of products and their nutritional safety.

In the same year, the Company was awarded the Supervision Certificate issued by the Palestinian Standardization and Measurements (PSM), in addition to the Palestinian Standards Certificate concerned with developing the total quality programs in the Company.

Year 2007

Al Juneidi celebrated its silver jubilee with the inauguration of another factory. thus a new collection was added to its production basket after 25 years of continuous giving and mastered work in the field of dairy and food production. This also contributed in boosting the Palestinian economy and in making the Company the one and only provider of such high quality and traditional taste.

In the same year, to further celebrate the silver jubilee, the Company inaugurated its new factory for the production of long term milk and juice. Hence, the factory products expanded to produce milk, flavored milk, juice and other different drinks.

Year 2010

The Company celebrated being awarded the ISO 9001:2008 from International Lloyds Register of Britain, and thus, Al Juneidi became the first and only Palestinian company to receive this certificate in the dairy production field. The Company endeavored to receive this certificate motivated by its keenness to adopt and apply the total quality concept based on a managerial approach that works on realizing a long term success. This was achieved through maintaining customers' satisfaction and the contribution of all the Company’s personnel in promoting and developing the operations, products, services, and cultural environment to work in a way that is beneficial to the institution members and the society as a whole. Therefore, the ISO 9001:2008 further motivated Al Juneidi to increase the high quality of its products and services provided to its customers, and consequently has become more capable of meeting their expectations and demands.

Year 2012

Al Juneidi launched the largest agricultural project in the field of raising milking cows in Palestine. The new farm is located in Jericho to accommodate more than 3000 heads of cattle. 


Year 2018


The Company celebrated being awarded the ISO 9001:2015 from International Lloyds Register of Britain, and thus, Al Juneidi became the first and only Palestinian company to receive this certificate in the dairy production field.


Al Juneidi Today

Al Juneidi is considered today to be one of the main pillars of the Palestinian economy for assisting the Palestinian consumer to do without the foreign products with an alternative high quality. Moreover, the Company continues to develop the agricultural resources through supporting and educating the farmers on methods of advancing and preserving the quality of the Palestinian agricultural sector.

The daily production capacity of dairy and food products at Al Juneidi factories production capacity about 100,000 liters of fresh milk, 30 tons of ready-made salads, in addition to 7 tons of tahini and fine food. All these are produced on a total area of 15000m², and are distributed by the Company to sales points through a fleet of modern cooling trucks to ensure its delivery in the best conditions.

Al Juneidi's professional and multi-experienced labor force totals to 520 employees working at the Company's factories and at the Company's farms. Furthermore, the Company creates thousands of jobs for the Palestinian community ranging from agents, distributors, farmers, retailers, and employees working at other factories producing supporting and raw materials used in the various products of Al Juneidi .

The Company is working on acquiring the ISO:22000, which is an administrative philosophy concerned with food safety. It works as well on acquiring customers' satisfaction through continuous development and improvement of the performance of mechanisms, measures, and services provided by the Company in order to fulfill the Company's objectives and vision.